Jinan Financial Holding International Finance Party Branch organizes theme party day activities to focus on


In order to carry out the theme education of "never forget your first heart and remember your mission" and understand the development concept of "people-centered", on the afternoon of July 29, all the staff of financial leasing watched "Four Days and Nights of Zhou Enlai" in the company conference room.

After the film viewing, many people said that we should learn from Premier Zhou's dedication to selflessness and solid work; study Premier Zhou's working spirit of penetrating into the front line and contacting the masses; and learn from Premier Zhou's pragmatic spirit of criticism and self-criticism. We should also put Premier Zhou's spirit into the spirit of learning revolutionary martyrs, in the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and in the theme education of "never forgetting the first heart and remembering the mission". Taking this theme education of "never forget the first heart and remember the mission" as an opportunity, armed the mind with Xi Jinping's socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era, bearing in mind the original intention and mission of seeking happiness for the Chinese people and revitalizing the Chinese nation, bearing in mind the purpose of serving the people, carefully searching for the shortcomings in their work and deeply analyzing them, And put forward targeted measures, in order to play a real role in promoting our work.

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