Talent Strategy

Talents are not the cost of the company, but the capital of the company and the core resource of the company. Only the development of talents can promote the development of the company. It is the core mission of the company to build a stage for talents to realize their own values and establish a win-win system and culture for employees and companies.

Our Policy

We adhere to the "people-oriented" management concept, and we have established a sound talent management mechanism to absorb and cultivate talents for sustainable development.

Our Idea

Only by using, making the best of one's abilities, can one make the best of one's abilities.
Those who are able, those who are fair, those who are mediocre.
In enterprises, there are professionalism first, and then there are people.

Our Measures

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Labor Law and the national social security laws and regulations, we provide medical allowances and social insurance welfare programs for all employees to guarantee their right to rest and vacation. We cultivate talent development in an all-round way, focusing on vocational education and training, focusing on three major business structures, providing all-round training for employees, including knowledge and skills.

Our Guidelines

We set up an attractive salary and welfare system, regularly inspect the salary level of employees at all levels, and strive to establish a fair, reasonable and highly competitive salary system. In addition, we abide by labour standards, safeguard the rights and interests of employees, comply with and abide by the relevant regulations and codes in the place where we operate, including international human rights and labour standards, commit ourselves to protecting labour rights and interests, eliminating any form of forced labour, and resolutely resist the use of child labour.

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