Xi Jinping sounded the "warning bell" for all Party members


On the afternoon of June 24, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held its 15th collective study on "Keeping the original mission in mind and promoting self-revolution". Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, presided over the study and delivered a speech. In his speech, Xi Jinping sounded the alarm bell for the majority of Party members and cadres.

1. As a party of the Centennial Congress, how to maintain its advanced and pure nature, keep its youth and vitality, how to win the support and support of the people forever, and how to realize its long-term governance are fundamental questions that we must answer and solve well.

2. Our Party requires all Party comrades not to forget their original intention and mission, that is, to remind all Party comrades that the Party's original intention and mission are the concentrated reflection of the Party's nature, purpose, ideal, belief and goal of struggle. The longer the Party is in power, the more we can't forget the Party's original mission, and the more we can't lose our self-revolutionary spirit.

3. We must not lose revolutionary spirit and fighting spirit in the sound of applause and praise, and gradually fall into a state of complacency with the status quo, lack of enterprising spirit and eagerness for pleasure. Instead, we should bear in mind that the boat is more urgent to wander and the people are more steep on the way to the hills. We should regard forgetting the original intention and remembering the mission as the eternal subject of strengthening the Party's construction as a whole. The lifelong task of Party members and cadres.

4. Under the long-term ruling conditions, all kinds of factors weakening the Party's advanced nature and damaging the Party's purity are constantly present. The dangers of violating the original intention and mission and shaking the Party's foundation are everywhere. The "Four Great Tests" and "Four Dangers" are still complex and severe. If we do not take strict precautions against them and rectify them in time, they will surely last for a long time. If the accumulation is difficult to return, the small problems will become the big ones and the small pipes will become the big landslides.

5. The Party's self-revolution has a long way to go. We must never stop and rest. Not forgetting the original intention and bearing in mind that the mission depends on the joint efforts of the whole Party. Every Party member, cadre, especially leading cadre must always be concerned about the Party's heart, responsibility and will to strengthen the Party, and actively participate in this theme education.

6. The key to not forgetting the first intention and remembering the mission is to face up to the problems consciously and to have the courage to move inward. We should stick to problem orientation and solve problems with real knives and real guns. The people often see clearly some prominent problems within the Party. Party members and cadres have changed their minds at first, and their mission is not firmly remembered. They should be evaluated by the masses and tested by practice. We should not engage in self-revolution behind closed doors, but listen more to the opinions of the people and consciously accept their supervision.

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